The Wolfpack Coffee Blend - 250 gr


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Cycling and coffee go together like… Well, like cycling and coffee! A nice cup of coffee to refuel during training rides has always been a thing in cycling. To make sure our riders and fans always have the best cup of coffee within reach, we proudly present our own Wolfpack coffee blend carefully chosen by the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl riders.

Kasper Asgreen, the driving force behind the idea, explains: “Recently, there has been more and more focus on quality products, both in cycling as in coffee. It’s a natural development. As they go hand in hand, it makes a lot of sense to create our own quality coffee blend. We started to develop the idea during last year’s Tour de France, with our brand-new Wolfpack coffee blend as a result. The riders really like it and I’m sure the fans will appreciate it as well.”

Together with Danish coffee roaster Nordic Coffee House, the official coffee supplier of Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl riders, the reigning Danish ITT Champion made three different blends. He brought them to the team’s training camp in Calpe and organized a blind taste test. “I prepared three different espressos for each rider on one of our Rocket Espresso machines”, says Asgreen. “The guys who wanted to taste were asked to select their favourite blend and cast their vote. It’s a real thing, they decided.”

So, what kind of blend did the Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl riders chose as their official Wolfpack coffee blend? Same Kasper explains: “It’s a mix of Brazil and Nicaragua coffee beans. The Brazil beans have classic flavours, like caramel and chocolate, that people associate with coffee and espresso. The Nicaragua ones have a more smoky character, with notes of tobacco and spices. It adds an interesting element to the mixture. It’s a really nice blend that anyone with an espresso machine will enjoy. We added the Brazil beans to keep the blend familiar. It works really well with any espresso-based drink, like a cortado, an americano or a regular espresso.”

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